Sustainability Policy Statement

SF Rail & Construction Services Ltd is committed to promoting and supporting good sustainability practice throughout all aspects of its operations, such that we shall be able to reduce the environmental impact we may have as a result of producing and providing our product and service in support of client demand.

In support of this commitment we shall continually strive to ensure the following principles are achieved:

  • To comply, and wherever reasonably practicable, to exceed compliance with all forms of legislation, codes of practice and industry-recognised standards.
  • To understand and qualify our impact on the environment through structured risk assessment.
  • To devise and apply effective control measures to mitigate our impact to acceptable levels.
  • To devise, provide and support suitable levels of resource to continue to achieve our commitments as they develop.
  • To actively promote, encourage and manage staff understanding and participation at all levels, and in all aspects of our sustainability processes.
  • To include sustainability consideration in all aspects of Company decision-making processes, including in the selection of suppliers, product and the materials we procure and use.
  • To be innovative in our thought processes, and to be prepared to continue to re-think the way in which we perform and operate as individuals and as an organisation.
  • To work toward preventing or reducing the amount of waste we generate as a result of the product and / or service we provide.
  • To work toward the reduction in the use of our natural resource, including sources of energy and water.

In making this commitment, we also expect and actively promote that our client base and our supply chain in having similar commitments, while at the same time working hard to support those of SF Rail & Construction Services Limited.

We strongly believe that when working together as a team, we shall all be better placed to not only maintain our environment, but also to make better for future generations to come.

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