Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy

As a progressive forward looking and responsible organisation the aim of SF Rail & Construction Services Ltd is to provide a quality product and service in line with specified customer requirements and pre-determined compliance criteria, while at the same time ensuring compliance with all forms of health, safety and environmental legislation.

While striving to achieve these aims, we at all times remain committed to the maintenance and application of an effective management system based on widely recognised management and customer imposed standards such as BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as Railway Safety Group and Network Rail Standards. From an environmental point of view the management system to which we refer shall be designed to prevent pollution of any kind, while at the same time promoting the conservation of our natural environment, cultural heritage and the reduction, re-cycling and re-use of waste product wherever it has been considered reasonably practicable.

It is we believe as a result of this commitment, that when correctly applied, the needs and expectations of our environment, business, employees and customers shall be satisfied.

To further ensure the continuing development of our operations, all Company personnel are encouraged to take an active role in our decision making processes, including wherever possible the future re-design, implementation and application of our management systems. We believe by adopting this policy a positive and pro-active operating culture shall ensue based on the continuing co-operation, understanding and personal development of our workforce.

We recognise that in order to maintain these standards, it will be necessary to develop and maintain a high level of commitment throughout our operations that actively encourages leadership at all levels. We also recognise that in order to realise this commitment and to support our efforts it will be necessary to provide adequate facilities and resource, the level of which shall at all times be commensurate to quantified risk.

Integral to our management systems are pre-determined aims and objectives, the detail and levels of which are closely linked to the achievement of constantly improving performance criteria. The ongoing monitoring and development of this criterion is subsequently used to best represent the ongoing development of our business operations through the application and use of recognised continual improvement principles.

A controlled copy of this policy statement shall be made available via our website, where members of the public may gain access should they so require.

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