Our Core Values

Here at SF Rail & Construction Services Limited we recognise the importance our staff play at all levels of operation and involvement in the achievement and support of our ‘Operating Culture’.

It is to this end that we have developed the following ‘Core Values’ outlining the required standards of behaviour we expect from all personnel, business entities and contractors we employ and work with.

It is subsequently the intention of the Management Team to pro-actively promote and support these ‘Core Values’ throughout all aspects of their personal and professional involvement with SF Rail & Construction Services Ltd.

  • To build, promote, maintain and support a safe, positive and pro-active working culture – that not only ensures the support of our policy commitments, our commercial development and the prosperity and overall well-being of our business operations, but also that of our environment, our staff, our clients, and all others we may interface with.
  • To encourage, promote and support openness – in all aspects of our consultation, communication and interface, thus building and sustaining transparency throughout all aspects of our business operations.
  • To build, promote and sustain trust – between senior management, our employees, our client and all others we may employ, work with or have the opportunity to influence.
  • To encourage and promote honesty and trustworthiness – throughout all levels of our operations ¥ To encourage and promote respect and to be polite to others – throughout all aspects of communication and interface with others in the workplace.
  • To develop, promote and support effective and clear lines of communication – at all levels of involvement, such that we may continue to develop and improve our business and operational performance capability.
  • To develop, promote and support an atmosphere of confidence – such that all our staff apply a ‘Can Do’ approach to their decision-making, while at the same time showing an interest in others input and advice.
  • To value each other’s ideas and opinions – recognising that no two people are alike, and that others may be more qualified and experienced than ourselves.
  • To act with integrity – to behave in a straightforward and honest manner in all personal, professional and business relationships.
  • To support and respect confidentiality – such that confidential data and records remain confidential and are only made accessible through recognised and approved arrangements.
  • To act and behave professionally – by avoiding any action that may in any way discredit SF Rail & Construction in the support of its business operations, including that of its clients, staff and employees.


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